Frequently Asked Question

1. Is it to rent or to own?

To own.

2. Why are there movies with same title but different price?

It is because of the different platforms. 

Example : 101 Dalmatians (1961) | HD Google Play - Movies Anywhere, Vudu, iTunes.

This is a Google Play Code, redeemable only through Google Play Platform but can be streamed through Movies Anywhere, Vudu, or iTunes by linking/connecting between your accounts.

This code can't directly redeem through the ported platform (Movies Anywhere, Vudu, etc) since it's ONLY redeemable through designated platform (Google Play).

Note: On the bottom of the movies description, we always write where to redeem. Be sure about the platform before you check out your items.


3. On the title, why the platform being separated by - symbol?

Example : 101 Dalmatians (1961) | HD Google Play - Movies Anywhere, Vudu, iTunes.

It means the platform come after the quality (HD) is the place where to redeem the code (Google Play). While the platforms come after - symbol are the platforms (Movies Anywhere, Vudu, iTunes) where can it be ported through linking on Movies Anywhere (Check this page 'How To Redeem').


4. My Code isn't working, how to solve this?

Make sure to check you are redeeming the right code on the right platform. Go 'How To Redeem' Page for more information.

If it's still not working, please send us an inquiry through email


5. Is there any guarantee given if I'm purchasing here?

Yes. We give you 100% guarantee for a refund or replacement of the movies you purchased if the codes are invalid.


6. Can I request my own movie/title?

We're sorry we didn't have that feature at the moment.


7. Why do I get points after purchasing movies?

That's our loyalty program that every $1 you spend with us you will get 2 points. The accumulated points can be exchanged with coupon discount on 'Rewards' Page.


8. Where I can see my total accumulated points and where I can redeem them?

Go to our website (you can open any page of our site), look at the bottom-left of the page there will be a pop up with 'Rewards' written on it.